Comparing Energy Quotes

MPAN Number

Comparing Energy Quotes The energy market is complex and difficult to navigate at the best of times which can make comparing the information on energy quotes a daunting task.  In this post we have listed a few tips to help you along the way: 1. Find out exactly what your responsible for You may only […]

What makes up your Electricity Bill?

Cost breakdown electricity

The energy market is overly complex and difficult to navigate for Schools especially understanding what is included in your electricity bills. Your electricity bill consists of a number of different charges for different elements.  These individual charges may be transparent and broken down on your bill or  combined into one or two line items. It […]

What are Deemed Rates and how to avoid them

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What are Deemed Rates?  Deemed rates (or Out of Contract Rates) are the unit rates that your energy provider will automatically roll your account onto if your contract end date is passed and the contract hasn’t been renewed or moved to a new supplier.  Some energy providers or brokers will simply roll you over onto […]

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


If your School is using heating oil, concerned about rising energy costs or need to replace existing old boilers then you should consider using the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and intelligent funding options to install Biomass boilers. Replacing boilers has been a real burden for Schools and Academies with limited capital funding.  A lot of […]

Feed In Tariff (FITs)

solar installation

Schools should become energy micro generators and funding solar PV projects using the Feed In Tariff. Schools tend to have large roof spaces that are perfect for implementing Solar PV solutions as a great way to save money by generating their own energy to mitigate the rising costs of buying electricity from the grid.  Funding […]

Schools – CRC exempt In 2013 or 2014 – where is the guidance to support them

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There are thousands of schools still buying energy through local authorities, brokers and energy companies that may be charging Schools the CRC energy efficiency tax when they are exempt from paying. If you are a School signed up then check your electricity contract to see if you are paying CRC.  Guidance is unclear but if […]

Schools – Don’t sign up to fixed energy contracts

Primary flex

The energy market is very volatile at the moment with a wide range of different factors that will affect prices over the next 18 months with prices potentially moving both up and down.  There is the political wrangling between the two major political parties, the introduction of ‘fracking’ for Shale Gas, the surplus of energy […]

Reducing energy cost of School server rooms

school server energy

School server rooms are one of the biggest uses of electricity in schools.     These rooms are normally full of ageing and inefficient servers and storage devices, switches and other core ICT equipment.  The rooms are normally cooled with air conditioning blowing cold air into the room but without mechanical extract….. sound familiar. There […]

Transforming St Birinus into an Eco Efficient School

St Birinus Science Block

We have been working with St Birinus School (Oxon) for the last 15 months to develop a robust and sustainable energy strategy.  This strategy is designed to help develop St Birinus into an Eco Efficient School. As part of the development of this strategy, E4E undertook the eMark(c) of the School.  The eMark identified a […]

E4E at the Academies Show 2013 in Birmingham

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We are exhibiting at the Academies Show on the 27th November 2013 at Birmingham NEC. The Co-operative is launching its new set of Energy products specifically designed for Primary and Secondary Schools and for multi site and Multi Academy Trusts.  All Schools and Academies irrelevant of size will benefit from collaborative procurement and intelligent brokering […]