How to make the most of energy reporting

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Energy reporting is a service that most Electricity and Gas Suppliers will provide at a basic level, but how do you get the most out of it? Here is a quick guide to help you understand which reports you should be requesting and how they can help you to reduce your energy consumption. Daily Consumption […]

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


If your School is using heating oil, concerned about rising energy costs or need to replace existing old boilers then you should consider using the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and intelligent funding options to install Biomass boilers. Replacing boilers has been a real burden for Schools and Academies with limited capital funding.  A lot of […]

Top Ten Energy Tips – Get Everyone Involved

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Top Ten Energy Tips – 8 Get everyone involved The cheapest way to start to make an impact on your energy bills is to get your staff and students involved. Creating hype around your energy efficiency goals and creating an environment where energy responsibility is expected is how you will save the most money. Part […]

Top Ten Energy Tips – Tip 6

Top Ten Energy Tips – Tip 6 – Do you know how much extra your School is paying for your Gas and Electricity? In fact many don’t have the time to protectively check the a complex market before signing their next energy contracts. Many Schools  are unaware of the impending changes to the energy market […]

Schools – Don’t sign up to fixed energy contracts

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The energy market is very volatile at the moment with a wide range of different factors that will affect prices over the next 18 months with prices potentially moving both up and down.  There is the political wrangling between the two major political parties, the introduction of ‘fracking’ for Shale Gas, the surplus of energy […]

Political wrangling over Energy Policy

Louise Armitstead has written a very good article in the Telegraph on the 4th November discussing the implications of government intervention in the energy market.   Energy is the latest political football to be kicked around by the main parties with dire consequences to the consumer.     Sir Mike Rake (President of the […]