Solar PV Programme for United Learning

Screenshot 2015-09-09 10.19.18Energy for Education have been appointed by United Learning to develop, procure and manage the implementation of a PV programme across the whole of the United Learning Trust Academies and United Church Schools Trust Independent Schools as part of a wider Energy Efficiency programme.

The Solar PV project is designed to significantly reduce the impact of the rising costs of electricity as well as significantly reduce United Learnings carbon footprint. In summary the programme is when completed designed to:

• Implement 61 Solar PV installations across 59 Schools and Academies
• Install an estimated 5.5MW of Solar PV – just under 22,000 Solar PV panels
• Generate estimated savings from electricity costs of just over £ 500,000 per annum
• Saving an estimated 2,010,250 kg of carbon per year

Energy for Education used its Approved Partner Framework to procure “Regional” partners through its OJEU compliant procurement process. At present there are four Solar PV installers from the E4E Framework working across the five regions.

United Learning are delighted with the professionalism and pace that E4E have brought to the delivery of solar PV across our diverse Estates. Each stage of the process was explained in detail up front and interaction with the individual Schools has been handled with care. This process will provide long term financial benefits to our schools which at a time of very tight budgets will keep more teachers in the classrooms. 

Graham Harvey-Browne – Estates Director, United Learning.

The programme will be negatively impacted from the digression of the Feed-in Tariff proposed by DECC for the 1st January 2016 so the focus has been to install as many sites prior to the drop and then work with our supplier to develop different technologies to maximise energy savings alongside the revised FiTs level.

The first Schools and Academies are pencilled in for installation in late October with a rolling programme for the next 4-6 months.

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