Transforming St Birinus into an Eco Efficient School

St Birinus becoming an eco efficient school

We have been working with St Birinus School (Oxon) for the last 15 months to develop a robust and sustainable energy strategy.  This strategy is designed to help develop St Birinus into an Eco Efficient School.

As part of the development of this strategy, E4E undertook the eMark(c) of the School.  The eMark identified a range of energy projects that are starting to be implemented to reduce the Schools energy spend.

The eMark focuses on assessing a Schools current overall approach to energy use to help Schools understand where they are in terms of usage, culture, procurement, efficiency.  The eMark also sets out recommendations for future projects that will save our customers time and money.

At St Birinus these projects include:

  • Installation of site wide energy metering (to Half Hourly Meters)
  • Replacement double glazing
  • Insulation in new roofs being installed
  • Upgrade lighting to LED technology
  • Upgraded heating controls
  • Biomass Boiler installation
  • Cultural change and learning content

These projects will be funded by Government Finance reducing capital outlay and once implemented should save the School 200,000 Kw/Hrs next year.

Energy for Education eco efficient school Please click here to contact us for more information on the eMark and our project at St Birinus School.