What makes up your Electricity Bill?

Cost breakdown electricity

The energy market is overly complex and difficult to navigate for Schools especially understanding what is included in your electricity bills. Your electricity bill consists of a number of different charges for different elements.  These individual charges may be transparent and broken down on your bill or  combined into one or two line items. It […]

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


If your School is using heating oil, concerned about rising energy costs or need to replace existing old boilers then you should consider using the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and intelligent funding options to install Biomass boilers. Replacing boilers has been a real burden for Schools and Academies with limited capital funding.  A lot of […]

Schools – Don’t sign up to fixed energy contracts

Primary flex

The energy market is very volatile at the moment with a wide range of different factors that will affect prices over the next 18 months with prices potentially moving both up and down.  There is the political wrangling between the two major political parties, the introduction of ‘fracking’ for Shale Gas, the surplus of energy […]

Top Ten Energy Tips for Schools – Tip 2

change of tenancy school energy

Top Ten Energy Tips – Tip 2 – Do you know how much extra your School is paying for your Gas and Electricity? In fact many don’t have the time to proactively check the a complex market before signing their next energy contracts.  Many Schools  simply allow existing energy contract to roll-over onto a higher […]