Developing an energy strategy for an Academy Trust

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Developing an Energy strategy for an Academy Trust Academy Transformation Trust (ATT) is a growing Multi Academy Trust formed a few years ago with 16 Academies, both primary and secondary, in the Midlands and the South East.  As an increasing number of academies have joined ATT, the Trust has been focusing on maximising the efficiencies across […]

Comparing Energy Quotes

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Comparing Energy Quotes The energy market is complex and difficult to navigate at the best of times which can make comparing the information on energy quotes a daunting task.  In this post we have listed a few tips to help you along the way: 1. Find out exactly what your responsible for You may only […]

What makes up your Electricity Bill?

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The energy market is overly complex and difficult to navigate for Schools especially understanding what is included in your electricity bills. Your electricity bill consists of a number of different charges for different elements.  These individual charges may be transparent and broken down on your bill or  combined into one or two line items. It […]

What are Deemed Rates and how to avoid them

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What are Deemed Rates?  Deemed rates (or Out of Contract Rates) are the unit rates that your energy provider will automatically roll your account onto if your contract end date is passed and the contract hasn’t been renewed or moved to a new supplier.  Some energy providers or brokers will simply roll you over onto […]

Schools – CRC exempt In 2013 or 2014 – where is the guidance to support them

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There are thousands of schools still buying energy through local authorities, brokers and energy companies that may be charging Schools the CRC energy efficiency tax when they are exempt from paying. If you are a School signed up then check your electricity contract to see if you are paying CRC.  Guidance is unclear but if […]

Schools – Don’t sign up to fixed energy contracts

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The energy market is very volatile at the moment with a wide range of different factors that will affect prices over the next 18 months with prices potentially moving both up and down.  There is the political wrangling between the two major political parties, the introduction of ‘fracking’ for Shale Gas, the surplus of energy […]

Top Ten Energy Tips For Schools – Tip 1


Schools often don’t know how much extra they are paying on their utility bills. In fact, many don’t have the time to proactively check the a complex market before signing their next energy contract, and so simply allow existing energy contract to roll-over. As a result, many schools end up paying over the odds when […]