Comparing Energy Quotes

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Comparing Energy Quotes The energy market is complex and difficult to navigate at the best of times which can make comparing the information on energy quotes a daunting task.  In this post we have listed a few tips to help you along the way: 1. Find out exactly what your responsible for You may only […]

What are Deemed Rates and how to avoid them

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What are Deemed Rates?  Deemed rates (or Out of Contract Rates) are the unit rates that your energy provider will automatically roll your account onto if your contract end date is passed and the contract hasn’t been renewed or moved to a new supplier.  Some energy providers or brokers will simply roll you over onto […]

Top Ten Energy Tips – Get Everyone Involved

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Top Ten Energy Tips – 8 Get everyone involved The cheapest way to start to make an impact on your energy bills is to get your staff and students involved. Creating hype around your energy efficiency goals and creating an environment where energy responsibility is expected is how you will save the most money. Part […]

Top Ten Energy Tips for Schools – Tip 4

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Top Ten Energy Tips – Tip 4 – Do you know how much extra your School is paying for your Gas and Electricity? In fact many don’t have the time to proactively check the a complex market before signing their next energy contracts.  Many Schools  simply allow existing energy contract to roll-over onto a higher […]

E4E at the Academies Show 2013 in Birmingham

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We are exhibiting at the Academies Show on the 27th November 2013 at Birmingham NEC. The Co-operative is launching its new set of Energy products specifically designed for Primary and Secondary Schools and for multi site and Multi Academy Trusts.  All Schools and Academies irrelevant of size will benefit from collaborative procurement and intelligent brokering […]