Top Ten Energy Tips – Tip 6

Plan to generate your own energyTop Ten Energy Tips – Tip 6 – Do you know how much extra your School is paying for your Gas and Electricity?

In fact many don’t have the time to protectively check the a complex market before signing their next energy contracts. Many Schools  are unaware of the impending changes to the energy market that will lead to spiralling energy costs. We have put together our top ten energy tips to help schools navigate this complex market and make sure that you are getting the best deal you can.


Tip 6 – Develop an energy strategy for 2020

Do you have a strategy in place to minimise the impact of rising energy costs? Industry forecasts are predicting that network and fixed costs are set to increase by up to 300% between now and 2020 and overall bills are likely to double. Procuring your energy as best you can is a vital part of mitigating these rising costs but this approach alone will not be enough to stop your energy costs spiralling. In order to offset rising costs every school will need to put in place a strategy that covers:

  1. How you will buy your energy – will you use a broker or a government framework? Will you collaborate with other schools? Will you buy fixed or flexibly?
  2. How you will reduce your energy use  – it is worth considering asking an expert to come in and asses your buildings, there are lots of things that can easily be done to increase the efficiency of your buildings are there are lots of finance options available to schools.
  3. How you will get your staff and students to use less energy – it is essential to involve your staff and students in the planning of your energy strategy, unless everyone is on board it will be much harder to realise the savings that you need.
  4. How you can generate energy – with process inevitably continuing to rise it is even more important for schools to evaluate their opportunities to generate energy onsite, there are a number of companies and co-operatives that will come and asses your site for free