Energy Management for Schools

Energy Management for Schools – working as virtual energy managers for our customers to mitigate the increasing cost of energy bills.

At E4E we provide an end-to-end Energy Management Service for Schools, Academies and Multi Academy Trusts. The service is designed to support educational institutions in delivering long-term sustainable cost savings through energy, water, waste and carbon reduction.

A holistic ‘one stop shop’ of Energy Services

Our Services

Advantages for our customers include:

  • One stop Shop for a wide range of energy services and technologies
  • Impartial advice and guidance on the complex energy markets
  • OJEU compliant procurement of all services
  • Access to a framework of approved partners
  • Benefit from economies of scale through aggregated procurement.
  • Management of the Implementation and delivery of energy projects
  • Access to wide range of DfE approved funding for projects with no capital outlay

Benefits of the EMS:

  • Experienced Energy Manager supported by a team of energy experts
  • Understand how you are using energy now and how to reduce the rising cost of energy by developing a holistic strategy for reducing consumption
  • Get a bespoke Energy Report and Feasibility Study with recommendations for an Energy strategy moving forward.
  • Save in real terms by buying energy better with school specific contracts
  • Reduce electricity usage by up to 70% using LED lighting, improving the lighting quality for teaching and learning and control the learning environment better using intelligent systems.
  • Generate electricity and generate up to 70% of the electricity you need onsite from renewable sources
  • Reduce heating costs using better controls, Biomass and different heating technologies
  • Access to the POD Energy Portal to effectively manage and monitor your energy usage.

The Energy Management Service costs £1 per FTE pupil per annum for three years irrelevant on the size of institution. Please contact our Energy Team at or on 0300 111 0175.